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Smuf 138 LED 6 Big & 6 Small Star Shape Hanging Decorative Light

  • 6 Big Size & 6 Small Size Star Lights
  • 10 Feet Long Total Length
  • 138 Pixel LED Bulb Included
  • Perfect For Home, Shop, Office, Bedroom Decoration
  • Best Quality Imported Bulb Included
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Bring a touch of magic and elegance to your surroundings with the enchanting Smuf 138 LED 6 Big & 6 Small Star Shape Hanging Decorative Light. Designed to captivate your senses, this stunning lighting ensemble will illuminate your space with a mesmerizing display of star-shaped lights. Whether you want to spruce up your balcony, enhance the ambiance of your hall, or add a dreamy touch to your bedroom, these star-shaped lights are the perfect choice for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Key Features:

  1. A Dazzling Array of Stars: Embrace the celestial beauty of the night sky right in the comfort of your home with 12 big size hanging star lights. Each star exudes a unique charm, combining to create a breathtaking visual spectacle that will leave everyone awe-inspired.
  2. Generous Length: Smuf 138 LED Hanging Decorative Light boasts a generous 3-meter length, allowing you to easily hang and drape the stars to adorn any area you desire. Whether you want to create a cascading effect or a starry canopy, the ample length ensures you have the freedom to design your perfect setting.
  3. 138 Total LED Bulbs: Illuminate your surroundings with a delightful glow from the 138 LED bulbs. These energy-efficient bulbs ensure that the stars emit a radiant and long-lasting illumination, adding allure to any setting while keeping energy consumption in check.
  4. Exquisite Aesthetics: The Smuf Hanging Decorative Light is designed to be a showstopper in any space. The star-shaped lights exude elegance and charm, making them an eye-catching focal point that complements various decorative themes and interior styles.
  5. Versatility in Decoration: With its enchanting and versatile design, these star-shaped lights are perfect for various settings. Create a cozy and romantic ambiance in your bedroom, add a touch of magic to your hall during special events, or elevate the charm of your balcony for a relaxing outdoor experience.
  6. Multi-Color Light: Experience a kaleidoscope of colors with the Smuf 138 LED Hanging Decorative Light. The multi-color lighting allows you to set the mood and ambiance to match any occasion or personal preference, making every moment even more special.
  7. Pixel LED Bulbs for Enhanced Lighting: The use of pixel LED bulbs enhances the quality of lighting, ensuring a well-distributed and brighter glow. This technology brings out the full beauty of each star, making them appear as if they were shining with their own cosmic radiance.


  • Create a Whimsical Atmosphere: Whether you’re hosting a party or spending a quiet evening at home, these star-shaped lights instantly add a whimsical touch to any space. The ethereal glow and captivating design create an enchanting ambiance that uplifts spirits and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Easy Installation: Smuf 138 LED Hanging Decorative Light is designed for user convenience. The easy-to-install setup allows you to effortlessly hang the stars and instantly transform your surroundings.
  • Enhance Home Décor: Elevate the aesthetics of your living spaces with these exquisite star-shaped lights. From festive celebrations to everyday décor, they effortlessly blend in and enhance the overall appeal of your home.
  • Energy-Efficient: Pixel LED bulbs not only provide a brilliant light display but also consume significantly less energy than traditional bulbs, helping you save on electricity bills while enjoying a captivating visual experience.
  • Year-Round Appeal: While perfect for festive occasions, these star-shaped lights also maintain their appeal year-round. Leave them up to infuse your space with a celestial charm every day.

Smuf 138 LED 6 Big & 6 Small Star Shape Hanging Decorative Light combines the celestial allure of stars with modern LED technology to create a truly mesmerizing lighting display. With 12 big size hanging stars, 138 LED bulbs, and a generous 3-meter length, these star-shaped lights allow you to effortlessly transform any space into a captivating wonderland. Perfect for balcony, hall, and bedroom decoration, their multi-color light and pixel LED bulbs add an enchanting glow that sets the mood for every occasion. Elevate your décor and embrace the magical aura of the night sky with the Smuf 138 LED Hanging Decorative Light.




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Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Smuf 138 LED 6 Big & 6 Small Star Shape Hanging Decorative Light

  1. Meenu

    I really love these beautiful colors hanging light for home and it’s looking very perfect.

  2. Neetu

    I just love the color changing star lights and my kids are really crazy when we open the light so thank you very much but I request you to please improve your packaging quality.

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