Smuf 10×10 Feet Long Yellow Net String Lights

  • 10 by 10 Feet Net String Light
  • 180 Total LED Bulb Included
  • Best Quality Pixel LED Bulb Included
  • Perfect For Home, Shop, Bedroom Decoration


Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Features & Compatibility

Unleash a radiant burst of light and infuse your celebrations with a warm and inviting glow using the 10×10 Feet Long Yellow Net String Lights. These enchanting lights are the perfect choice to create a magical ambiance during special occasions such as Diwali and Christmas or any festive event that calls for a touch of brilliance. With their expansive coverage, a multitude of bulbs, and the brilliance of pixel LED bulbs, these net string lights will effortlessly transform your space into a captivating wonderland.

Expansive 10×10 Feet Net

Embrace the joy of ample illumination with the 10×10 feet net design. This generous size covers a significant area, making it an excellent option for large backdrops, garden canopies, or draping over furniture to create an enchanting atmosphere.

Perfect for Decoration

Yellow Net String Lights are the quintessential choice for decorations that demand attention. With their captivating glow and versatility, you can adorn various spaces, both indoors and outdoors, to add a touch of charm and brilliance.

180 Bulbs Included

Bask in the glow of 180 vibrant yellow bulbs that will brighten up your surroundings. These LED bulbs are thoughtfully distributed throughout the net, ensuring an even and awe-inspiring radiance.

Ideal for Diwali and Christmas Decoration

Whether you’re celebrating the Festival of Lights or the season of joy and merriment, these net string lights are the perfect accessory to heighten the festive spirit. Their yellow hue complements the traditional themes of Diwali and adds an inviting glow to your Christmas décor.

Pixel LED Bulbs for High Glowing

Experience an unparalleled luminance with pixel LED bulbs. The cutting-edge technology of these bulbs delivers high glowing and enhances the overall brilliance of the net string lights.


  • Enchanting Illumination: Transform your space into a captivating wonderland with the mesmerizing glow of the 10×10 Feet Long Yellow Net String Lights. The warm and inviting yellow hue radiates a magical ambiance that uplifts the spirits of all who gather around.
  • Versatility in Decor: From festive occasions to special events and celebrations, these net string lights are the perfect décor accent. Hang them along walls, drape them over trees or canopies, or create stunning backdrops to infuse any setting with elegance and allure.
  • Effortless Setup: The user-friendly design allows for a hassle-free setup. Simply unfold the net, hang it in your desired location, and plug it in to instantly illuminate your surroundings with its resplendent glow.
  • Durability and Reliability: Crafted with the utmost care and using high-quality materials, these net string lights are designed to provide long-lasting performance. Celebrate multiple occasions and cherish countless memories with the assurance of their durability.
  • Safe and Energy-Efficient: The LED bulbs not only ensure a bright and enchanting glow but also consume minimal energy. Rest easy knowing that your celebrations are eco-friendly and cost-effective.

10×10 Feet Long Yellow Net String Lights are more than just lights; they are the essence of celebration and joy. With their expansive net, 180 bulbs, and the brilliance of pixel LED technology, they effortlessly weave magic into any space they adorn. Whether you’re preparing for Diwali, Christmas, or any special occasion, these net string lights are the perfect choice to elevate your décor and create an enchanting ambiance. Embrace the warmth and brilliance of the 10×10 Feet Long Yellow Net String Lights, and watch as they illuminate your celebrations with a mesmerizing glow.

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