Anchor Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch (65002)

  • 6 Amp 2 Way Modular Switch
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Anchor Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch, a stellar addition to the Penta Modular range that redefines the standards of electrical switching. With its unique design, reliable 2-way switching capability, 6-amp capacity, ISI marking for quality assurance, shock-proof construction, and the trusted name of Anchor—this modular switch is not just a functional component but an integral part of a sophisticated electrical setup. Join us as we explore the myriad features that make the Anchor Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch a symbol of innovation and reliability in the world of electrical switches.

Unique Design – Aesthetics Meets Functionality:

Anchor Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch stands out with its unique and contemporary design that seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality. The switch is not just a utilitarian component; it adds a touch of sophistication to your interiors. The modern design ensures that your electrical switches are no longer mere functional elements but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your living or working space.

2-Way Switching Capability – Enhancing Control and Convenience:

One of the key features of the Anchor Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch is its 2-way switching capability. This functionality enhances control and convenience by allowing you to operate a single electrical fixture, such as a light, from two different locations. Whether you’re in a spacious room, a hallway, or a staircase, the 2-way switching capability ensures that you have control over your lighting from multiple points, offering unparalleled convenience in your daily activities.

6 Amp Capacity – Optimal Power Handling:

Designed to handle a 6-amp capacity, the Anchor Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch is engineered to meet the demands of modern electrical applications. This capacity ensures optimal power handling, making it suitable for a variety of electrical fixtures, including lights and fans. Whether you’re illuminating a room or regulating the airflow, the 6-amp capacity ensures that the switch operates efficiently and reliably.

Modular Switch – Customization and Flexibility:

The modular design of the Anchor Penta series allows for customization and flexibility in your electrical setup. The modular switch can be easily integrated into a larger switchboard arrangement, providing a clean and organized appearance. The modular concept ensures that you can customize your electrical panel according to your specific requirements, making the Anchor Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch a versatile choice for modern electrical installations.

ISI Marked – Assurance of Quality and Safety:

Quality and safety are paramount when it comes to electrical components, and the Anchor Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch adheres to the highest standards. The switch proudly bears the ISI mark, signifying compliance with the specifications set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. This mark is a testament to the quality, safety, and reliability of the switch, offering you peace of mind knowing that you have a product that meets stringent industry standards.

Shock-Proof Construction – Safety First:

Safety is a top priority in electrical installations, and the Anchor Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch incorporates shock-proof construction for added protection. The switch is designed to minimize the risk of electrical shock, ensuring the safety of users in residential, commercial, or industrial settings. The shock-proof feature adds an extra layer of security, making the Anchor Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch a trustworthy choice for your electrical needs.

Top Brand – Anchor’s Legacy of Trust:

As a product from Anchor, a renowned name in the electrical industry, the Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch carries the legacy of trust and reliability. Anchor has been a leading brand in the electrical accessories sector, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Choosing a product from Anchor is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in a brand that has earned the trust of millions over the years.

Easy Installation – Hassle-Free Setup:

Anchor Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch is designed for easy installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. The user-friendly design and clear labeling make it convenient for electricians and DIY enthusiasts alike. The switch is engineered to streamline the installation process, allowing for quick and efficient integration into your electrical system. Enjoy the convenience of an electrical switch that is as easy to install as it is to operate.

Versatile Applications – Ideal for Every Setting:

The versatility of the Anchor Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re updating your home’s electrical system, enhancing your office space, or working on an industrial project, this switch fits seamlessly into every setting. Its adaptable design and functional features make it a versatile choice for modern electrical installations.

Durable Construction – Long-Lasting Performance:

Durability is a hallmark of the Anchor Penta Modular 6 Amp 2 Way Switch. Crafted from high-quality materials and subjected to rigorous testing, this switch is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable component in your electrical system for years to come.



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