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Rock Light RL-4790 Solar Power Kit Emergency Light
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IP 66 High Bright Solar Rechargeable LED Emergency Light

  • IP 66 Waterproof Focus Light
  • 4 to 5 Hours of Battery Backup
  • 4 Modes Lighting (White, Yellow, Red & Blue) Color
  • Solar Powered & Electricity Rechargeable Light
  • Best Quality Product
  • 2000 Lumens Bright Light
  • Perfect For Home, Camping, Daily Use, etc.

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IP 66 High Bright Solar Rechargeable LED Emergency Light

It is very important to have reliable lighting that can adapt to different situations in today’s busy world. Your versatile lighting solution, whether at home, camping, or in an emergency, is the IP66 High Bright Solar Rechargeable LED Emergency Light. Convenience, efficiency, and longevity combine in this superbly designed light to illuminate your environment wherever and whenever you need it.

Max Durability with IP66 Waterproof Rating

Because the IP66 High Bright Solar Rechargeable LED Emergency Light ensures complete protection against dust ingress and powerful water jets, this concentrated light is perfect for use in extreme outdoor situations. This light will shine brilliantly through rain, snow, or dust storms when you most need it.

Extended Use Battery Backup

You won’t ever be in the dark whether there is a power outage or you go outside thanks to this emergency light’s 4–5 hour battery backup. As this lamp will provide steady brightness, you may rest assured that you have a reliable light source available.

Many Lighting Options for Any Situation

Providing four lighting settings—white, yellow, red, and blue—this LED emergency light may be adjusted to suit a variety of situations and preferences. Whether you need clean white light for visibility, a warm yellow glow for the atmosphere, or vibrant light for emergencies or signaling, this light covers you.

Continual Function with Twin Power Sources

This light may be charged from either a solar or electrical source. The integrated solar panel efficiently converts sunshine into electricity and provides a cost-effective and ecologically friendly lighting choice. Furthermore, ensuring ongoing operation even without solar charging is its simple electricity rechargeability.

Max Quality for Long-Lasting Performance

Exquisite standards and only the best materials are used to build this LED emergency light to last a lifetime. Guaranteed years of reliable usage, every aspect of this light—from its robust design to its reliable operation—showcases outstanding quality.

Renowned Lighting with 2000 Brilliant Lumens

The 2000-lumen output of this LED emergency light will brilliantly illuminate your surroundings. This light provides enough brightness to meet your needs, whether lighting up a large outdoor area or concentrating lights in a specific location.

Functional Applications in Any Environment

Among the various uses for this LED emergency light are lighting up your home during power outages and providing illumination for outdoor sports and camping vacations. When you need to navigate a campground at night, signal for help in an emergency, or make dinner amid a blackout, this light is your reliable buddy.

Simple and Portable Design

Even with its powerful performance, this LED emergency light’s compact and portable design makes it easy to transfer and store. Whether packing it in your camping equipment or emergency kit, its compact and light form factor makes it easy to carry.

Functionality for Added Convenience

This LED emergency light has simple-to-use settings with the user in mind. Changing the lighting setting or checking the battery level is simple, making use of it hassle-free under any situation.

Turn On Your World Anywhere

The IP66 High Bright Solar Rechargeable LED Emergency Light is your finest illumination option under any situation since it provides an unmatched combination of durability, effectiveness, and adaptability. You can depend on this light to brighten your day anywhere, whether at home, exploring outside, or involved in an emergency.

Your environment may be safely lit with the IP66 High Bright Solar Rechargeable LED Emergency Light. Get yours right now to enjoy consistent lighting wherever life takes you.




1 kg



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3 Months

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04 , 230

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