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Andslite Rechargeable Torch Light
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Andslite Picker Rechargeable Head Lamp

  • Made by USA LED Focus Bulb
  • Up to 500 High Focus White Light
  • Premium Quality Product
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Hanging Cable Included
  • 4 to 5 Hours Single Charge Backup
  • Perfect For Camping And Daily Use

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Embark on your outdoor adventures with confidence, guided by the brilliance of the Andslite Picker Rechargeable Head Lamp. This exceptional headlamp, designed for the modern explorer, offers a remarkable blend of features that elevate your camping, hiking, or any nighttime escapades. With a 3 to 5-hour backup, an impressive 500-meter long-range reach, a powerful 1200mAh lithium battery, a reassuring 1-year warranty, ISI marking for quality assurance, a durable body, and the prestige of being associated with a top brand, the Andslite Picker is more than just a headlamp—it’s your reliable beacon in the darkness. Join us as we delve into the features that make the Andslite Picker a standout companion for your outdoor pursuits.

3 to 5 Hours Backup for Extended Illumination:

Andslite Picker Rechargeable Head Lamp boasts an impressive 3 to 5-hour backup, ensuring prolonged illumination during your outdoor activities. Whether you’re setting up camp, navigating trails, or exploring the great outdoors, this headlamp provides a reliable source of light that goes the distance. The extended backup ensures that you have ample time to complete your tasks or enjoy your adventures without worrying about the light dimming prematurely.

500 Meter Long Range for Far-Reaching Visibility:

Illuminate the path ahead with confidence, thanks to the Andslite Picker’s exceptional 500-meter long-range reach. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, hiking in the mountains, or exploring unfamiliar terrains, this headlamp casts its powerful beam to reveal the world around you. The long-range capability adds a layer of safety and convenience, allowing you to navigate with clarity and precision in low-light conditions.

1200mAh Lithium Battery for Reliable Power:

Empowering your adventures is a robust 1200mAh lithium battery that fuels the Andslite Picker Rechargeable Head Lamp. The lithium battery not only offers reliable power but also ensures efficient energy utilization, extending the overall lifespan of your headlamp. With this powerful battery at your disposal, you can trust that your headlamp will shine brightly when you need it the most, providing consistent and dependable illumination.

1-Year Warranty for Peace of Mind:

Your satisfaction and confidence in the Andslite Picker are further reinforced by a reassuring 1-year warranty. This warranty stands as a testament to the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and durability. In the unlikely event of any issues, the 1-year warranty provides peace of mind, ensuring that your investment is protected. Choose the Andslite Picker with the assurance that it is backed by a warranty that speaks to its reliability and longevity.

ISI Marked for Quality Assurance:

Quality assurance takes precedence with the Andslite Picker Rechargeable Head Lamp, evident through its ISI marking. This certification signifies compliance with the highest industry standards for safety and performance. Choosing a headlamp with ISI marking ensures that you invest in a product that has undergone rigorous testing and meets stringent quality criteria, offering you confidence in its reliability and durability.

Durable Body for Enduring Adventures:

Crafted for outdoor enthusiasts, the Andslite Picker features a durable body that can withstand the rigors of your adventures. Whether you’re exploring rugged terrains, facing unexpected weather conditions, or simply navigating your campsite, the durable construction ensures that your headlamp stands up to the challenges. The robust body adds a layer of resilience, making the Andslite Picker a trustworthy companion for all your outdoor escapades.

Top Brand Recognition for Trusted Performance:

When it comes to outdoor lighting solutions, the brand matters, and the Andslite Picker proudly aligns itself with the reputation of being a top brand. Andslite’s legacy in the industry signifies excellence, innovation, and reliability in outdoor lighting solutions. By choosing the Andslite Picker, you invest in a headlamp that carries the prestige of a top brand, ensuring trusted performance and quality craftsmanship.

Perfect for Camping and Beyond:

Tailored for camping enthusiasts, the Andslite Picker Rechargeable Head Lamp goes beyond the ordinary, offering features that cater specifically to the demands of outdoor activities. Whether you’re setting up your campsite, preparing meals, or venturing into the wilderness, this headlamp proves to be the perfect companion. Its versatility extends to various outdoor pursuits, making it an essential tool for camping, hiking, fishing, and any adventure that requires reliable illumination.

Adjustable Head Strap for Comfortable Wear:

Andslite Picker ensures a comfortable and secure fit with its adjustable head strap. The strap can be easily adjusted to accommodate different head sizes, providing a snug and comfortable fit for users of all ages. The adjustable head strap adds practicality to your outdoor experience, allowing you to wear the headlamp for extended periods without discomfort, ensuring that you can focus on enjoying your adventures.

Compact and Lightweight for On-the-Go Convenience:

Designed with portability in mind, the Andslite Picker is compact and lightweight, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go adventures. Whether you’re backpacking through the wilderness or exploring new trails, the compact design ensures that the headlamp doesn’t weigh you down. Experience the convenience of portable lighting that seamlessly integrates into your outdoor lifestyle.

Weather-Resistant for Unpredictable Conditions:

Nature can be unpredictable, and the Andslite Picker is prepared to face the elements with its weather-resistant design. Whether you encounter rain, snow, or unexpected splashes, the headlamp’s weather-resistant features ensure that it continues to shine brightly. The resilience to the elements adds a layer of reliability, making the Andslite Picker a dependable source of light in various weather conditions.

Easy to Operate for Hassle-Free Use:

Navigating the features of the Andslite Picker is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. The intuitive controls ensure that anyone, regardless of technical expertise, can operate the headlamp effortlessly. Adjust the brightness, switch between lighting modes, and enjoy hassle-free use during your outdoor adventures. The easy operation adds convenience to your experience, allowing you to focus on the joy of exploration.

Andslite Picker Rechargeable Head Lamp is not just a source of light; it’s a beacon of reliability, precision, and confidence for outdoor enthusiasts. With its 3 to 5-hour backup, 500-meter long-range reach, 1200mAh lithium battery, 1-year warranty, ISI marking, durable body, association with a top brand, and suitability for camping, it stands as a standout choice for those seeking excellence in outdoor lighting. Illuminate your adventures with unmatched precision – choose the Andslite Picker and experience outdoor lighting that goes beyond expectations.



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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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1 Year

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