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Halonix Multi Plug With USB Port

  • 2 USB Port Included
  • 16 Amp Plug Supported
  • Indicator Light Included
  • 6 to 16 Amp Supported
  • Best Quality & ISI Marked

Original price was: ₹699.00.Current price is: ₹399.00.

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Halonix Multi Plug With USB Port is a powerhouse of convenience and versatility that’s here to transform how you power your devices. Suppose you’re tired of constantly searching for available sockets and struggling with multiple chargers. In that case, this multi-plug is your ultimate solution. Designed for the modern world where gadgets are a part of daily life, the Halonix Multi Plug With USB Port is your one-stop charging hub that combines innovation with simplicity.

Imagine having not just one but two USB ports at your fingertips. With the Halonix Multi Plug, you can bid farewell to the struggle of finding spare sockets for your phone, tablet, or other USB-powered devices. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, this multi-plug ensures you can charge your devices hassle-free.

But it’s not just about convenience – it’s about reliability, too. The Halonix Multi Plug is built for heavy-duty performance. Say goodbye to flimsy chargers and fragile sockets that can’t handle the load. With a robust design and sturdy build, this multi-plug is ready to meet your tech-savvy lifestyle’s demands.

Safety and quality are at the core of the Halonix Multi Plug. It proudly wears the ISI mark, a symbol of adherence to the highest safety standards set by the Indian Standards Institute. This mark assures you that your devices are safe, giving you peace of mind while you charge your gadgets.

Are you tired of juggling multiple chargers and adapters? Halonix Multi Plug With USB Port comes with 16 Amp support, so you can connect various devices without worrying about compatibility. This multi-plug covers you whether it’s your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other electronic gadgets.

Have you ever struggled to determine whether your device is charging? Halonix Multi Plug With USB Port comes with an indicator light, eliminating the guesswork. The light lets you know at a glance whether your device is receiving power, making your charging experience more intuitive and efficient.

We understand that quality matters, so the Halonix Multi Plug is crafted to deliver the best quality. Every aspect of this multi-plug is designed to provide a reliable and durable charging solution, from construction to performance. No more worrying about cheap alternatives that fail to deliver – the Halonix Multi Plug is your assurance of top-notch quality.

In a world where every device needs power, the Halonix Multi Plug With USB Port is your ally in keeping your gadgets charged and ready. It’s not just a multi-plug; it’s a modern-day essential that simplifies your charging woes and brings a touch of convenience to your life.

Halonix Multi Plug With USB Port is a game-changer in charging solutions. With its dual USB ports, heavy-duty performance, ISI marking, 16 Amp support, indicator light, and commitment to quality, it’s a must-have for anyone who relies on technology. Upgrade your charging experience with the Halonix Multi-Plug – where innovation meets convenience.



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