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Bajaj 4 Way 6 Amp Universal Multiplug With Indicator

  • Four Universal Sockets: Allows users to connect devices with various plug types, including Type A, Type C, Type G, etc., offering compatibility with a wide range of electronic appliances.
  • Indicator Lights: Incorporated indicator lights provide visual confirmation of power supply to connected devices, aiding users in quickly identifying operational status and troubleshooting any issues.
  • 6 Amp Capacity: With a 6 Amp capacity, the multiplug can handle moderate power loads, making it suitable for charging smartphones, laptops, tablets, and small electronic appliances.
  • Compact Design: The compact and sleek design of the multiplug ensures a minimal footprint, enabling easy placement in tight spaces or behind furniture without obstructing other outlets.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed with durable materials and robust components, the multiplug offers reliability and longevity, withstanding regular use and ensuring consistent performance over time.
  • Child Safety Shutter: Integrated child safety shutters protect against accidental insertion of foreign objects into the sockets, enhancing safety, especially in households with young children.

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Bajaj 4 Way 6 Amp Universal Multiplug With Indicator

Bajaj 4 Way 6 Amp Universal Multiplug With Indicator is a high-quality multi-plug for your needs, If you don’t have an extra electrical board and you are looking for a solution for multiplug in a single socket portion Bajaj 4 Way 6 Amp Universal Multiplug With Indicator is the best option for you.

Bajaj 4 Way 6 Amp Universal Multiplug With Indicator gives you 4 sockets features in a single time with indication and on/off switch and support all kinds of electrical plugs so you don’t need to worry about anything so let’s have a look at the features.

Bajaj 4 Way 6 Amp Universal Multiplug With Indicator Features

  • Versatility: Bajaj 4 Way 6 Amp Universal Multiplug offers versatility by accommodating multiple devices simultaneously, allowing users to conveniently connect various electronic appliances without the need for multiple power outlets.
  • Space-saving: Its compact design helps save space and reduces clutter around power outlets, making it ideal for use in homes, offices, or any place with limited socket availability.
  • Safety: Equipped with indicator lights, the multiplug provides visual cues to indicate whether the connected devices are receiving power, thus ensuring safety and preventing potential electrical hazards.
  • Convenience: With four universal sockets, users can plug in devices with different plug types, eliminating the need for multiple adapters and simplifying the charging or operation of electronic gadgets.
  • Reliability: Built with high-quality materials and advanced engineering, the multiplug offers reliable performance and durability, promising long-term use without frequent replacements.
  • Cost-effective: By consolidating multiple devices onto one power source, the Bajaj multiplug helps in reducing electricity consumption and consequently lowering utility bills, making it a cost-effective solution for consumers.
  • Limited Socket Availability: The Bajaj multiplug addresses the issue of limited socket availability by providing four universal sockets, enabling users to connect multiple devices simultaneously without the need for additional adapters or power strips.
  • Safety Concerns: With indicator lights and child safety shutters, the multiplug mitigates safety concerns associated with electrical appliances, offering users peace of mind and ensuring a secure environment for their families.
  • Compatibility Issues: By accommodating various plug types, the multiplug eliminates compatibility issues, allowing users to connect devices from different regions or with different plug standards effortlessly.
  • Space Constraints: Its compact design helps in overcoming space constraints, making it suitable for use in apartments, dorm rooms, offices, or any environment where space is limited



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