Andslite Venus 6 Hours Backup Emergency Light

  • 6 to 8 Hours Long Battery Backup
  • Durable Body
  • USB Port For Mobile Charging
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Perfect For Home & Camping
  • Best Quality Products


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Andslite Venus 6 Hours Backup Emergency Light is a beacon of reliability and style that stands ready to illuminate your surroundings during power outages. With an impressive 6 to 8 hours of battery backup, a durable body, a convenient USB port for mobile charging, a 1-year warranty, a hanging stand included, and a stylish design, this emergency light goes beyond the ordinary, offering both functionality and aesthetics. Explore the features that make the Andslite Venus a trusted companion during emergencies and a stylish addition to your home or workspace.

6 to 8 Hours Battery Backup for Prolonged Illumination:

Say goodbye to the anxiety of prolonged power outages with the Andslite Venus Emergency Light. Boasting an impressive 6 to 8 hours of battery backup, this emergency light ensures that you have a reliable source of illumination during extended periods of darkness. Whether you’re facing a sudden power cut or preparing for an emergency situation, the Andslite Venus stands ready to provide consistent and prolonged lighting.

Durable Body for Long-Lasting Performance:

Crafted with durability in mind, the Andslite Venus features a robust body that can withstand the challenges of emergency situations. The durable construction ensures that the emergency light remains steadfast even in less-than-ideal conditions. Its sturdy build not only enhances longevity but also contributes to the light’s reliability, making it a dependable lighting solution for unexpected situations.

USB Port for Mobile Charging: Stay Connected in Emergencies:

In times of emergencies, staying connected is crucial. Andslite Venus goes beyond providing illumination by incorporating a USB port for mobile charging. This thoughtful addition transforms your emergency light into a portable charging station, ensuring that your devices, such as smartphones or tablets, stay powered even when the power grid fails. The USB port adds an extra layer of utility, making the Andslite Venus an essential tool for modern emergencies.

1-Year Warranty for Peace of Mind:

With the Andslite Venus Emergency Light, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Backed by a comprehensive 1-year warranty, this emergency light is a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in its quality and durability. The warranty provides peace of mind, assuring you that the Andslite Venus is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring your investment is protected.

Hanging Stand Included for Versatile Placement:

Andslite Venus comes complete with a convenient hanging stand, adding a layer of versatility to your emergency lighting setup. Hang it from a hook, nail, or any suitable anchor, transforming your emergency light into a ceiling of light that disperses evenly across your space. The hanging stand makes it a perfect companion for camping trips, outdoor events, or emergency situations where flexible placement is key.

Stylish Look for Modern Aesthetics:

Who says emergency lighting can’t be stylish? Andslite Venus Emergency Light not only excels in functionality but also in aesthetics. With its stylish design, this emergency light adds a touch of modernity to your home or workspace. The sleek and contemporary look makes it a visually appealing addition to your emergency preparedness kit or everyday lighting needs, enhancing the ambiance wherever it is placed.

User-Friendly Operation for Effortless Use:

Navigating the features of the Andslite Venus Emergency Light is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly operation. The intuitive controls ensure that anyone, regardless of technical expertise, can operate the emergency light effortlessly. Adjust the brightness, use the USB charging port, or hang it with ease – the Andslite Venus is designed for hassle-free use during emergencies.

Compact and Portable for On-the-Go Convenience:

Designed with portability in mind, the Andslite Venus Emergency Light is compact and lightweight, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go emergencies. Whether you’re facing a power outage at home, camping in the wilderness, or dealing with unexpected situations, the compact design ensures that you can take this emergency light wherever you need it. Portable emergency lighting has never been more convenient.

ISI Marked for Quality Assurance:

Quality assurance is a priority with the Andslite Venus Emergency Light, as demonstrated by its ISI Mark. This certification attests to the emergency light’s compliance with the highest industry standards for safety and performance. Choosing a product with the ISI mark ensures that you invest in an emergency light that has undergone rigorous testing and meets stringent quality criteria, offering you confidence in its reliability and durability.

Versatile Applications for Every Emergency Scenario:

Andslite Venus Emergency Light is versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of emergency scenarios. Whether it’s a sudden power outage at home, an outdoor adventure, or a camping trip, this emergency light adapts to diverse lighting needs. Its compact design and versatile features make it an ideal companion for various emergency situations, ensuring that you are well-prepared when the unexpected occurs.

Andslite Venus Emergency Light is not just a source of light during emergencies; it’s a beacon of reliability, style, and convenience. With its impressive 6 to 8 hours of battery backup, durable body, USB port for mobile charging, 1-year warranty, hanging stand included, and stylish design, it stands as a trusted companion for unexpected situations. Illuminate your world with confidence and style – choose the Andslite Venus Emergency Light and experience emergency lighting excellence that goes beyond expectations.



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