36 LED 12 Meter Ball Fairy Light For Decoration (Multi)

  • High Quality Big Size LED Bulbs
  • 36 Total LED Balls Included
  • 12 Meter Long Length
  • Multi Function Light
  • Fully Flexible Light With 2 Pin Top
  • Multi Color Light
  • Perfect For Home, Bedroom, Balcony And Hall Use.


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36 LED 12 Meter Ball Fairy Light for Decoration is a touch of enchantment and innovation that will transform your surroundings into a realm of magic. If you’re seeking a captivating and versatile way to illuminate your spaces, your quest ends here. The Ball LED Fairy Light combines beauty and technology to create a mesmerizing and inviting ambiance.

A string of lights adorned with 36 LED ball bulbs that radiate a gentle and captivating glow. With a substantial length of 12 meters, this fairy light is tailor-made to add a touch of elegance to your surroundings. Whether adorning your living room, embellishing your outdoor spaces, or creating a whimsical atmosphere for an event, the Ball LED Fairy Light is bound to captivate your imagination.

Variety is the spice of life, and the Ball LED Fairy Light boasts a multi-function feature that lets you switch between different lighting modes. From steady glows to twinkling effects, you can choose the ambiance that suits your mood or occasion.

However, big-sized LED bulbs in the shape of charming balls truly set this fairy light apart. Each LED bulb emanates a warm and inviting radiance, casting a spell of enchantment wherever it’s placed. The fairy light adds an element of magic to your decor, turning your space into a mesmerizing haven.

Behind the spellbinding glow lies the power of Japanese technology. 36 LED 12 Meter Ball Fairy Light For Decoration is a testament to Japanese innovation, ensuring that you’re getting a beautiful product and one built to last. This fusion of aesthetics and durability makes the fairy light an exceptional addition to your decor, promising years of beauty and brilliance.

Rain or shine, your decor will shine on, thanks to the weatherproof feature of 36 LED 12 Meter Ball Fairy Light For Decoration. Designed to withstand the elements, you can confidently hang it outdoors without worrying about its resilience. This weatherproof attribute makes the fairy light ideal for indoor and outdoor decor setups.

Flexibility is the game’s name, and the Ball LED Fairy Light is here to play. Its fully flexible design allows you to twist, twirl, and bend the fairy light to suit your creative vision. Whether draping it along trees, weaving it through railings, or winding it around furniture, the fairy light adapts seamlessly to your preferences.

Adding to its allure, the Ball LED Fairy Light features a copper wire that lends an air of elegance to the design. The copper wire complements the warm glow of the LED bulbs, adding a touch of sophistication to your decor arrangement.

36 LED 12 meter Ball Fairy Light for Decoration is a harmonious blend of elegance and innovation that elevates your decor to a new level. With its 36 LED ball bulbs, impressive length, multi-function feature, big-size LED bulbs, Japanese technology, weatherproof construction, fully flexible structure, and delicate copper wire, it’s an indispensable addition to your decor collection. Illuminate your surroundings with the Ball LED Fairy Light – where beauty meets innovation.



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