Diamond 6 Amp 2 Pin Top

  • Best Quality Unbreakable PVC
  • 6 Amp Supported
  • ISI Marked
  • Perfect For Normal Products
  • Handle Up to 1000W Load
  • Top Industry Brand


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Diamond 6 Amp 2 Pin Top – the epitome of safety, durability, and efficiency in electrical accessories. Crafted with precision and designed to meet the highest industry standards, this two-pin top is a testament to our commitment to providing reliable and top-quality products for your electrical needs.

2 Pin Top

Diamond 6 Amp 2 Pin Top features a convenient and versatile 2-pin design, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of electrical devices. Whether you’re plugging in a lamp, charger, or any other electronic device, this top is designed to meet your everyday electrical requirements.

Shock-Proof Design

Safety is our top priority, and this 2 Pin Top is engineered with a shock-proof design to safeguard you and your devices from electrical hazards. The robust construction and insulation materials ensure that you can confidently use your electrical appliances without worrying about shocks or short circuits.

Durable Body

Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, the Diamond 6 Amp 2 Pin Top boasts a durable body that can endure the test of time. The high-quality materials used in its construction make it resistant to wear and tear, ensuring a long lifespan for the product.

ISI Marked

Rest easy knowing that the Diamond 6 Amp 2 Pin Top carries the prestigious ISI mark, a symbol of quality and adherence to Indian standards. This certification guarantees that the product has undergone rigorous testing and meets the safety and performance benchmarks set by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

6 Amp Load Capacity

With a robust 6 Amp load capacity, this 2 Pin Top is designed to handle a variety of electrical appliances and devices. Whether it’s a small kitchen appliance or a power-hungry electronic gadget, this top can efficiently support a load of up to 1000 watts, ensuring versatile usage in your home or workplace.

Best Quality Assurance

Diamond, a trusted name in the industry, is synonymous with quality. The 6 Amp 2 Pin Top is a testament to our commitment to delivering the best in class products. Rigorous quality control measures are in place throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that every unit meets the high standards associated with the Diamond brand.

Top Brand Reliability

When it comes to electrical accessories, choosing a reliable and reputable brand is crucial. The Diamond 6 Amp 2 Pin Top comes from a brand that has consistently delivered excellence in the electrical industry. Trust in the legacy of Diamond for a top-quality, reliable, and durable electrical solution.

User-Friendly Design

The user-friendly design of this 2 Pin Top makes it easy to plug in and remove devices effortlessly. The compact and ergonomic design ensures a snug fit in various sockets, making it an ideal choice for home, office, or any other setting.

Versatile Applications

Whether you’re a homeowner, a professional, or someone looking for reliable electrical accessories, the Diamond 6 Amp 2 Pin Top is versatile enough to meet your needs. Its compatibility with a wide range of devices and appliances makes it an indispensable addition to your electrical arsenal.

Diamond 6 Amp 2 Pin Top is not just an electrical accessory; it’s a symbol of safety, quality, and reliability. Upgrade your electrical connections with the assurance that comes with the Diamond brand. With its shock-proof design, durable body, ISI marking, and 6 Amp load capacity, this 2 Pin Top is your go-to solution for all your electrical needs. Experience the Diamond advantage – where safety meets innovation.



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