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Finolex Wire Price List (Latest)

Finolex Wire Price List

Are you looking for the best quality latest Finolex Wire Price List? So you come to the right place. Finolex Wire is one of the most trusted wires in India as well as a top leader brand and today I am gonna show you the Finolex Wire Price List full details so you don’t need to worry about anything and choose the best quality wire for your home.

There are lots of brands available in the Indian marketplace place but choosing the best quality wire is a really difficult task for everyone helps you to choose the best quality Finolex wire for your home, shop, office, and other places.

Finolex always focuses on building highly trusted, best quality, shockproof, heatproof electrical wire and that’s why everyone looking to buy Finolex wire there are lots of other brand options are available such as Anchor, Havells, RR, and many more but If you only want Finolex wire for your home so we show you latest Finolex Wire Price List.

Now, we start our full post, and let’s get started without wasting your valuable time and see the Finolex Wire Price List.

Finolex Wire Price List (Latest)

Finolex has lots of wire options available and also has lots of variations so we give you all the variations details below also provides high-quality electrical wire for all brands at the best price so you can also purchase these wires through our website and now come back to the topic and let see the full list.

These are some variants available in Finolex wire and I’ll show you all wire prices so you can choose the best one for your needs let’s have a look at the price.

Finolex Single Core Wire 90 Meter Price

In this Finolex Wire Price list post, First, you need to look most demanded and most selling wire 90 meters. There are lots of variants available in 90-meter price such as 0.75MM, 1.0MM, 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 4.0mm, etc.

Sq. MMAmpMRP PriceLength
0.757127590 Meter
1.012156590 Meter
1.516227590 Meter
2.522362590 Meter
4.029508590 Meter
6.037758590 Meter

This is the MRP price for Finolex 90 meter single core wire so now I am gonna show you 180 meter wire price list. 90 90-meter single core wire is the most demanding in the electrical wire category and most people use this wire in homes, offices, etc If you have a large area you can also buy the 180-meter bundle and save money.

Finolex Single Core Wire 180 Meter Price

Sq. MMAmpMRP PriceLength
0.7572575180 Meter
1.0122975180 Meter
1.5164280180 Meter
2.5226782180 Meter
4.02910322180 Meter
6.03715400180 Meter

This is a 180-meter wire bundle price list so If you are looking for a bulk quantity wire we suggest you buy 180-meter wire If you don’t have a huge requirement I suggest you go with the 180-meter wire and Finolex also built CCTV, double core wires so also look at another list too.

Finolex CCTV Wire Price List

CCTV wire is also a great quality wire for your CCTV cameras and Finolex built high-quality pure copper with high-efficiency wire so you don’t need to worry about the quality and hassle-free use of these wires in your home cameras.

CoreConductor MaterialLengthMRP
3+1Copper90 Meter2050
4+1Copper90 Meter2287
3+1Copper180 Meter3680
4+1Copper180 Meter4390

If you are looking for a best quality CCTV camera wire for your home I suggest you go with Finolex wire because these wires give you high-speed performance in your camera’s connection with 100% pure copper conductor material.

We hope you like our Finolex wire price list blog post so don’t forget to share our article with your friends and now you can choose the best quality Finolex wire for your needs. We always suggest you use high-quality standard products in your home so you don’t need to face any electricity issues If you still have not found your requirement wire ask us via the comment box and I will suggest you.

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