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Anchor 22066 4 Socket Extension Board

  • Top Quality Brand Extension Board
  • 4 Meter Long Copper Copper
  • 2 Pin Top Included
  • Fully Foldable Board
  • 1500 Watts Power Load Consumption
  • ISI Marked Product
  • Hanging Stand Included
  • 4 Socket Included With Fuse System
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Experience the epitome of safety, convenience, and connectivity with the Anchor 22066 4 Socket Extension Board. This versatile extension board from the trusted Anchor brand is designed to meet your power needs with a blend of cutting-edge features and robust construction. Boasting four sockets, a fuse system, indicator lights, a generous 3-meter long cord, heavy-duty build, and the endorsement of a top brand, the Anchor 22066 is the answer to your power distribution requirements, offering reliability and convenience in every socket.

Four Sockets for Unmatched Connectivity:

Anchor 22066 Extension Board is engineered to cater to multiple devices simultaneously, featuring four sockets that accommodate various plugs and adapters. Whether you’re charging your smartphones, powering your laptop, or running multiple electronic gadgets, this extension board provides you with the flexibility to connect all your devices in one central location. Say goodbye to the hassle of swapping plugs and cords, and embrace the convenience of the Anchor 22066’s four sockets.

Fuse System for Enhanced Safety:

Safety is paramount, and the Anchor 22066 Extension Board incorporates a fuse system to safeguard your devices against power surges and fluctuations. The built-in fuse acts as a protective barrier, interrupting the power flow in the event of an electrical anomaly. This not only protects your connected devices from potential damage but also ensures your peace of mind, knowing that the Anchor 22066 has your safety at the forefront of its design.

Indicator Lights:

Keep informed about your power usage with the indicator lights featured on the Anchor 22066 Extension Board. The indicator lights provide a visual cue, indicating when the extension board is powered on. This simple yet effective feature adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing you to easily identify when the extension board is in operation. The clear indicator lights contribute to a user-friendly experience, ensuring that you are always aware of your power status.

Generous 3-Meter Long Cord:

Flexibility meets convenience with tAnchor 22066 Extension Board’s 3-meter long cord. This ample cord length gives you the freedom to position the extension board wherever you need it, whether it’s behind furniture, under desks, or in the center of a room. The extended reach of the cord ensures that you can bring power closer to you without the limitations of shorter cords, providing a versatile and user-friendly power distribution solution.

Heavy-Duty Build for Enduring Performance:

Anchor 22066 Extension Board is crafted with durability in mind, featuring a heavy-duty build that stands up to the rigors of everyday use. The robust construction ensures longevity, making this extension board a reliable and enduring solution for your power distribution needs. Whether it’s in a busy office, a bustling home, or a workshop, the heavy-duty build of the Anchor 22066 ensures that it can handle the demands of diverse environments.

Top Brand Assurance:

When it comes to electrical accessories, the Anchor brand stands tall as a symbol of trust and quality. The Anchor 22066 Extension Board upholds this legacy, carrying the assurance of a top brand known for its commitment to excellence. Choosing Anchor means choosing a brand that has been synonymous with reliability and innovation in the electrical industry. With the Anchor 22066, you’re not just getting an extension board; you’re getting the stamp of approval from a brand that has earned the trust of consumers worldwide.

2000 Watts Load Capacity:

Power-hungry devices meet their match with the Anchor 22066 Extension Board, boasting an impressive 2000 watts load capacity. This high load capacity ensures that the extension board can handle the demands of energy-intensive devices without compromising on performance. From power-hungry computers to energy-efficient appliances, the Anchor 22066 is equipped to deliver a reliable and consistent power supply, ensuring that your devices operate at their optimal capacity.

Ideal for Home and Office:

Versatility is a key feature of the Anchor 22066 Extension Board, making it ideal for both home and office use. In a home setting, it serves as a central hub for charging devices, powering entertainment systems, and connecting various gadgets. In an office environment, it provides a streamlined solution for powering computers, printers, and other essential electronic equipment. The adaptable design ensures that the Anchor 22066 seamlessly integrates into diverse settings, providing a universal power distribution solution.

User-Friendly Design:

Anchor 22066 Extension Board is designed with the user in mind, featuring a layout that facilitates easy and organized power distribution. The placement of the four sockets ensures that devices can be connected without crowding, minimizing the risk of tangling cords. The user-friendly design, combined with the 3-meter long cord, makes it easy to position the extension board for optimal accessibility, contributing to a clutter-free and efficient power setup.

Anchor 22066 4 Socket Extension Board is more than just a power distribution solution; it’s a testament to reliability, safety, and convenience. With its four sockets, fuse system, indicator lights, 3-meter long cord, heavy-duty build, top brand endorsement, and a 2000 watts load capacity, this extension board offers a comprehensive solution to your power distribution needs.

Choose the Anchor 22066 Extension Board for a power accessory that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Elevate your power distribution experience with a brand that symbolizes trust and quality. From home to office, the Anchor 22066 stands as a versatile and reliable choice, providing you with the connectivity and convenience you deserve. Unleash the power of connectivity with the Anchor 22066 4 Socket Extension Board today.




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