Amcap 50 MFD Capacitor
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Amcap AC Motor Start 200/250 MFD Capacitor

  • Perfect For Power Machine And Summersible Machines
  • Instantly Increase Speed
  • 200/250 MFD Power Capacitor
  • 440 Volts Supported
  • Best Brand In Market
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • 6-Month Replacement Warranty

Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹299.00.

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Amcap AC Motor Start 200/250 MFD Capacitor

In order to meet the needs of power tools and underwater pumps, the Amcap AC Motor Start Capacitor was carefully designed. This capacitor ensures smooth operation, whether you’re working with industrial-grade equipment or home water systems. Its design and construction make it strong enough to handle the tough needs of both heavy-duty and everyday uses, giving it unbeatable dependability and performance.

Boost speed right away

One of the best things about the Amcap AC Motor Start Capacitor is that it can make your gear go faster right away. This capacitor makes sure that your equipment works at its best by giving it a big power boost just when it’s needed. This immediate speed boost is especially helpful when performance and efficiency are key, as it lets you get the best results with the least amount of delay.

Capacitor for 200/250 MFD Power

It says that the Amcap AC Motor Start Capacitor has a capacitance value of 200/250 MFD. Because it has a high capacitance, it can store and release electricity quickly. This makes it a great choice for starting motors and keeping the voltage steady. The 200/250 MFD rating gives you the dependability and speed you need, whether you need to start a motor or make sure power keeps going.

440 Volts Can Be Used

With a voltage rating of up to 440 volts, the Amcap AC Motor Start Capacitor works well in a wide range of industry and commercial settings. It can handle harsh conditions and big loads thanks to its high voltage capacity, which makes it a useful part for many types of machinery. Because it can handle high voltages, the capacitor can be used in places with high voltages without losing its safety or function.

The best brand on the market

Amcap is one of the most well-known brands of capacitors because it is committed to quality and new ideas. The AC Motor Start Capacitor is a great example of how dedicated the brand is to quality; it meets the greatest standards for dependability and performance. If you choose Amcap, you’re buying a product from a company that has a history of making high-quality electrical parts.

We promise the best price.

In addition to working very well and being reliable, the Amcap AC Motor Start Capacitor also comes with a promise to be the cheapest on the market. This makes sure that you get the most for your money without giving up quality. If you choose Amcap, you’ll save money without giving up any of the features and benefits that are important for your apps.

6-Month Warranty on Repairs

The AC Motor Start Capacitor is another great product from Amcap that they stand behind. For added peace of mind, this capacitor comes with a replacement protection that lasts for 6 months. In the rare event that something breaks or doesn’t work right, this warranty makes sure that you are covered and can easily get a new one. Amcap is committed to providing reliable and high-quality products, and this pledge to customer satisfaction shows that.

Amcap AC Motor Start 200/250 MFD Capacitor Specifications

  • 200/250 Microfarads (MFD) of capacitance
  • 440 Volts is the voltage rating.
  • Temperature range for use: -25°C to +70°C
  • With a ±5% error,
  • 50 mm x 120 mm in size
  • Polypropylene Film is the material.
  • Easy to connect terminals
  • Screw Terminal for Mounting
  • Brand name: Amcap




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