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1200 mAh 3.7V 4.4WH 18650 Battery Cell
1200 mAh 3.7V 4.4WH 18650 Battery Cell (Pack Of 4) Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹349.00.

2000 mAh 3.7V 18650 Battery Cell (Pack Of 10)

  • 3.7 Volt & 18650 Battery
  • Perfect For Trimmer, Torch, Emergency Lights & Other DIY Gadgets
  • 2000 mAh Battery Capacity
  • Best Quality And Long Battery Backup
  • Lightweight Battery
  • Durable Body
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2000 mAh 3.7V 18650 Battery Cell is powerhouse behind your essential devices. Whether you need on torches, trimmers, or emergency lights, these batteries are here to ensure you never run out of power when you need it most. With a 3.7-volt support and a hefty 2000mAh capacity, these lithium batteries are the perfect companions for your gadgets, offering durability, lightweight convenience, and the peace of mind that comes with a pack of 10 of the best quality cells.

Reliable Power for Your Essentials: When it comes to devices like torches, trimmers, and emergency lights, reliability is key. The 2000mAh 3.7V 18650 Battery Cell delivers the dependable power you need for these everyday heroes. You can count on these batteries to keep your devices running smoothly, providing light when darkness falls and backup when you’re in a pinch.

3.7 Volts for Optimal Performance: These battery cells are designed to operate at 3.7 volts, which is the ideal voltage for a wide range of devices. This ensures that your torches shine brightly, your trimmers trim efficiently, and your emergency lights last when you need them most. Say goodbye to weak, dim lights and unreliable performance.

2000mAh Capacity: Capacity matters, especially in devices that you depend on regularly. With a generous 2000mAh capacity, these batteries have the juice to keep your devices running longer. You won’t have to constantly swap out batteries or worry about sudden power failures. These cells offer extended usage time, giving you the convenience you deserve.

Built to Last: Durability is a must when it comes to batteries. The 2000mAh 3.7V 18650 Battery Cell boasts a robust and sturdy build that can withstand the rigors of daily use. You can trust these batteries to hold up under pressure, ensuring they stand the test of time.

Lightweight Lithium Batteries: Nobody wants to lug around heavy batteries. These lithium batteries are designed to be lightweight, making them easy to carry in your pocket or backpack. They won’t weigh you down, ensuring that you can stay mobile and flexible in your daily activities.

Pack of 10 Combo: Convenience is key, and with this pack of 10 batteries, you’ll always have spares at your fingertips. Whether you need to power multiple devices or simply want peace of mind with extra batteries on hand, this combo pack has you covered.

Best Quality Assurance: Quality is non-negotiable when it comes to batteries. We take pride in offering the best quality 2000mAh 3.7V 18650 Battery Cells on the market. These batteries undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet our high standards for performance and reliability. You can trust in the quality and consistency of our batteries.

Versatile Compatibility: These batteries are compatible with a wide range of devices, including torches, trimmers, and emergency lights. Whether you’re a professional who relies on these tools for your work or a homeowner who needs them for peace of mind, these batteries have you covered.

Easy to Use: No need to be a tech expert to use these batteries. They’re designed for simplicity. Just pop them into your device, and you’re ready to go. There are no complicated instructions or setup procedures to worry about.

Environmentally Friendly: We care about the environment, and these batteries are designed with sustainability in mind. They are rechargeable, reducing waste and your carbon footprint. This not only saves you money in the long run but also helps protect the planet.

2000mAh 3.7V 18650 Battery Cell is the perfect solution for keeping your torches, trimmers, and emergency lights powered up and ready to go. With their 3.7-volt support, 2000mAh capacity, and durable construction, these lightweight lithium batteries are your reliable companions for everyday tasks and unexpected situations. The pack of 10 ensures you have spares whenever you need them, and our commitment to quality means you can trust in the performance of these batteries. Keep your essentials running smoothly with the best quality batteries on the market.




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