Super 750 Watts Heavy Weight Plancha Dry Iron

  • 750 Watts Power Consumption For Power Saving
  • Automatic Power Cut When Over Heat
  • Easily Adjust Iron Heat by Top Rotater
  • Strong Body Heavy Weight Planch Iron For Home
  • Shock Proof & 1 Year Service Warranty


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Super 750 Watts Heavy Weight Plancha Dry Iron, a powerful and efficient iron that brings unmatched performance and convenience to your ironing tasks. This high-quality iron is designed to make your ironing experience effortless and enjoyable, ensuring perfectly pressed clothes every time.

The Super 750 Watts Heavy Weight Plancha Dry Iron is equipped with a robust 750 Watts power consumption, providing quick and efficient heating for swift ironing sessions. With this impressive power, you can say goodbye to stubborn wrinkles and creases in no time.

One of the standout features of this iron is its heavy weight design. The added weight enhances the iron’s performance by allowing it to exert greater pressure on the fabric, resulting in smoother and more precise ironing. The heavy weight of the iron ensures that even the toughest wrinkles are effortlessly flattened out, leaving your clothes looking crisp and polished.

To further enhance safety and convenience, Super 750 Watts Heavy Weight Plancha Dry Iron comes with an automatic power cut option. This feature automatically switches off the iron when it’s left unattended for a certain period of time or if it’s accidentally tipped over. You can have peace of mind knowing that your iron will never be left on, minimizing the risk of accidents and potential damage. iron features an indicator light that illuminates when  iron is heating up, providing a visual cue to let you know when it’s ready for use. This saves you time and ensures optimal ironing temperatures, preventing any damage to your delicate fabrics.

With turdy cotton, you can easily adjust the heat to suit the fabric type, ensuring efficient and safe ironing. The precise temperature control allows you to customize your ironing experience, providing optimal results for every garment.

Super 750 Watts Heavy Weight Plancha Dry Iron boasts a silver coated soleplate. This unique feature offers excellent heat distribution and glide, making it easier to maneuver the iron over different fabrics. The silver coating also provides enhanced durability and scratch resistance, ensuring that the soleplate remains in prime condition for prolonged use.

In summary, Super 750 Watts Heavy Weight Plancha Dry Iron combines power, convenience, and safety to deliver exceptional ironing performance. With its heavy weight design, 750 Watts power consumption, automatic power cut option, indicator light, heat adjustment system, and silver coated soleplate, this iron is a must-have for anyone seeking professional and wrinkle-free results. Say goodbye to wrinkled clothes and hello to perfectly pressed attire with Super 750 Watts Heavy Weight Plancha Dry Iron.



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