Stardeep Nano 2.0 Torch Light
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Stardeep Nano Torch Light

  • 1.0 KM Long Range Focus Light
  • 6 to 8 Hours Long Battery Backup
  • 6 Months Warranty From Stardeep
  • Durable And Strong Body Torch
  • Perfect For Farmers, Camping, Basic Use
  • Side Light For Emergency Use
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Original price was: ₹1,399.00.Current price is: ₹799.00.

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Stardeep Nano Torch Light is a true marvel of innovation and simplicity and is designed to bring light to the darkest corners. Its exceptional features make it the ideal companion for farmers, soldiers, campers, and anyone seeking reliable and powerful illumination.

A Beam That Reaches Beyond Boundaries

A torch light that can pierce through the night, casting its glow up to a staggering 1 kilometer. Stardeep Nano Torch Light boasts an unrivaled long-range beam that can effortlessly span vast distances, ensuring you’re never left in the dark. Whether you’re surveying your farmland, navigating through the wilderness, or on a crucial mission, this torchlight’s beam will guide your way with unwavering precision.

Stardeep Nano Torch Light With Side Light

Unveiling the innovation within, Stardeep Nano Torch Light is not just a torch but a versatile lighting solution. Comes with a side light feature, this torch casts a soft, ambient glow perfect for those moments when less intense illumination is needed. It’s not just about conquering the dark; it’s about having the right light for every situation.

Shine All Night: Battery Power to Rely On

Are you worried about your light giving up on you halfway through your journey? Fear not. Stardeep Nano Torch Light has a robust battery that delivers 8 hours of uninterrupted sunshine. Now, you can confidently embark on your adventures, knowing your light source won’t falter when you need it the most.

Engineered for Explorers: Farmers, Soldiers, Campers Rejoice

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of those who thrive outdoors, Stardeep Nano Torch Light is the ultimate companion for farmers, soldiers, and camping enthusiasts. For farmers, it’s a tool that grants a clear view of their fields even in the dead of night. For soldiers, it’s a reliable source of illumination in critical situations. And for campers, the guiding light transforms the wilderness into a welcoming haven.

Built Tough: Endurance in Every Detail

Crafted to endure the harshest conditions, Stardeep Nano Torch Light boasts a body that’s as strong as it is reliable. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of your adventures, whether that’s a demanding day on the farm, an intense military operation, or a rugged camping trip. This torchlight is engineered to be your steadfast companion, no matter where life takes you.

Made in India: Empowering Local Ingenuity

Proudly made in India, Stardeep Nano Torch Light is a testament to the country’s prowess in innovation and manufacturing. By choosing this torch light, you’re not just investing in a top-tier lighting solution but supporting local talent, industry, and ingenuity.

Power-Packed Performance: Inbuilt 4 Volt Battery

Harnessing its power from an inbuilt 4 Volt battery, Stardeep Nano Torch Light ensures consistent, high-performance lighting that you can count on. The thoughtfully engineered battery system guarantees you won’t be left abruptly in the dark – a peace of mind that every explorer deserves.

Lightweight Torch, Heavyweight Illumination

While Stardeep Nano Torch Light is designed to be your portable lighting companion, it delivers heavyweight illumination that’s unmatched in its category. Experience the brilliance of a torch that’s not just easy to carry but also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to illuminating the unknown.

Stardeep Nano Torch Light is a masterpiece of simplicity and innovation, bringing powerful illumination to the hands of farmers, soldiers, campers, and adventurers alike. With its 1 km long range, side light versatility, 8-hour battery backup, and durable Indian craftsmanship, it’s a torch ready to redefine how you explore the world. Discover the brilliance of the Star Deep Nano Torch Light today – your companion for all your journeys into the night.



Weight 1 kg


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3 Months

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Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Stardeep Nano Torch Light

  1. Vinod

    Great quality and 6 hours long full performance

  2. Ajay

    So good

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