Smuf 6/22 1.0MM 60 Meter Copper 2 Core Electric Wire

  • 2 Core 1.0 Sq MM Wire
  • Perfect For Home Appliances
  • ISI Marked
  • 60 Meter Total Length
  • Easily Handle Up to 1000W Load
  • 80% Energy Saving


Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Features & Compatibility

When it comes to reliable and safe electrical connections, the 6/22 1.0MM 60 Meter Copper 2 Core Electric Wire is your ultimate choice. Crafted with precision and excellence, this electric wire is designed to meet all your electrical needs with ease. Boasting a range of exceptional features, including pure copper wire, a 60-meter long coil, 2-core bundle, 1000 watts load capacity, and the best quality PVC insulation, this product is the epitome of durability, performance, and safety.

Pure Copper Wire

The 6/22 1.0MM electric wire is made of pure copper, setting it apart from conventional aluminum wires. Copper is renowned for its outstanding conductivity and low electrical resistance, ensuring efficient power transmission without any loss or overheating. Say goodbye to power wastage and potential hazards caused by inferior materials, as this pure copper wire guarantees a reliable and stable electrical connection.

60 Meter Long Coil

With a generous 60-meter long coil, you’ll have an ample supply of electric wire for your various projects. Whether you’re working on residential electrical installations or commercial applications, this extended length ensures flexibility and convenience during installation. Bid farewell to constant splicing and joining of wires and embrace a seamless and continuous electrical circuit.

2 Core Bundle

6/22 1.0MM electric wire features a 2-core bundle, allowing you to connect and power two devices or circuits simultaneously. This unique design simplifies wiring arrangements, reducing clutter and ensuring a neater appearance. Whether you’re dealing with lighting fixtures, appliances, or other electrical components, this 2-core bundle enables you to streamline your connections efficiently.

1000 Watts Load Capacity

Worried about overloading your electrical circuits? Fear not! This copper electric wire has an impressive load capacity of 1000 watts. From basic home appliances to moderate power equipment, this wire can handle a variety of loads without compromising its performance or longevity. Rest assured that your electrical devices will operate smoothly and safely under the protection of this robust and capable electric wire.

Best Quality PVC Insulation

Safety is our top priority, which is why we equipped the 6/22 1.0MM electric wire with the best quality PVC insulation. The PVC coating not only protects the copper conductors from external elements but also offers excellent insulation against electric shocks and short circuits. This extra layer of safety ensures that your electrical connections remain secure and reliable, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Perfect for Basic Load

Looking for an electric wire that’s ideal for basic load applications? Your search ends here. The 6/22 1.0MM 60 Meter Copper 2 Core Electric Wire is tailored to handle typical household electrical needs, making it the perfect choice for lighting, fans, small appliances, and other low to moderate power devices. Its versatility and efficiency make it a must-have in every electrician’s toolkit.

6/22 1.0MM 60 Meter Copper 2 Core Electric Wire is a top-notch product that guarantees optimal performance, safety, and ease of use. Its pure copper construction, 60-meter length, 2-core bundle, 1000 watts load capacity, and high-quality PVC insulation make it the go-to solution for all your electrical wiring projects. Don’t compromise on quality or safety; choose the 6/22 1.0MM electric wire today and experience the difference it brings to your electrical installations!

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Weight 1.5 kg





1.0 MM


60 Meter

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2 Year

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