Rockstar Nano LED Torch Light

  • 1.0 KM Long Range Focus Light
  • 6 to 8 Hours Long Battery Backup
  • 3 Months Warranty From Rockstar
  • Durable And Strong Body Torch
  • Perfect For Farmers, Camping, Basic Use
  • Side Light For Emergency Use


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Prepare to be amazed by the incredible performance of Rockstar Nano LED Torch Light. This compact yet powerful torch light is designed to be your reliable source of illumination in any situation. With a remarkable 1.0-kilometer long-range beam, a strong ABS body, and a top brand reputation, this torch light promises unbeatable quality and reliability. Andslite Nano Torch Light is your trusted companion for all your outdoor adventures and emergency situations.

Powerful Long-Range Beam

Don’t let its small size fool you, Rockstar Nano LED Torch Light packs a punch with its astonishing 1.0-kilometer long-range beam. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, navigating through low-light conditions, or in need of a reliable signaling tool, this torch light’s powerful beam ensures you can see clearly and be seen from a distance.

Durable ABS Body

Built to withstand the toughest environments, Rockstar Nano LED Torch Light features a strong ABS body. This robust construction ensures the torch light can endure impacts, drops, and rough handling without compromising its performance. With the Andslite Nano Torch Light by your side, you can trust that it will always be ready to light your way.

Side Emergency Light Included

Rockstar Nano Torch come with side high brighting led light so you can use as a emergency purpose in your home and get accurate 4 to 6 hours long battery backup.

Heavyweight Torch Light

Rockstar Nano LED Torch Light boasts a substantial 1 kg weight, making it sturdy and substantial in your hand. This heavyweight design adds to the torch light’s durability and provides a comfortable grip, ensuring it won’t slip from your grasp when you need it most.

Best Quality Assured

Rockstar is committed to providing the best quality products to our customers. Rockstar Nano LED Torch Light is no exception, embodying our dedication to excellence in every detail. From its powerful long-range beam to its durable ABS body, this torch light exceeds expectations, setting a new standard for performance and reliability.

Versatility in Action

Rockstar Nano LED Torch Light is the perfect companion for various situations. Whether you’re camping, hiking, fishing, or experiencing a power outage, this torch light comes to your rescue. It’s also an essential tool for security personnel, search and rescue teams, and outdoor enthusiasts looking for dependable lighting solutions.

Embrace the power of Rockstar Nano LED Torch Light – a compact torch light with an astounding 1.0-kilometer long-range beam. Its strong ABS body ensures durability and resilience, making it a reliable companion in any situation. Backed by a 6-month warranty and boasting a top brand reputation, Rockstar Nano LED Torch Light is your guarantee of quality and reliability. With a substantial 1 kg weight, this torch light sits comfortably in your hand and stands the test of time. Choose Rockstar for your lighting needs and experience the difference in illumination technology. Illuminate your world with Rockstar Nano LED Torch Light, the epitome of excellence in portable lighting.



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