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Rock Light RL-292WT 150W 1 KM Range 5 Hours Backup Torch Light

  • 1 KM Long Range Beam
  • Strong Durable ABS Body
  • Back Light For Emergency Use
  • 150W Laser LED Bulb Included
  • Charger & Cable Included
  • 4 to 6 Hours Accurate Battery Backup
  • Best Quality Torch Light

Original price was: ₹1,999.00.Current price is: ₹799.00.

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Rock Light RL-292WT 150W 1 KM Range 5 Hours Backup Torch Light

Rock Light RL-292WT 150W Torch Light is the embodiment of cutting-edge technology and strong engineering, created to offer unmatched performance and dependability. This high-tech flashlight has a lot of useful features that make it useful for many situations, from camping trips to emergencies. The Rock Light RL-292WT is a must-have because of the following:

A Great Long Range Beam

One great thing about the Rock Light RL-292WT is that it has an amazing 1 KM long-range beam. Because of this great feature, the flashlight can light up huge areas, making it ideal for search and rescue operations, hiking at night, and other activities that need good vision over long distances. The Rock Light RL-292WT will give you the best lighting whether you are hiking through a dense bush or searching for something.

Better Quality of Construction

The Rock Light RL-292WT is made to last with an ABS body that is strong and sturdy. It can handle the wear and tear of regular use. ABS is known for being very tough and impact-resistant, which means that the torch light will be able to handle rough handling and rough circumstances. This sturdy build not only makes the device last longer, but it also gives you a solid source of light when you need it most.

Back Light for Emergency

The Rock Light RL-292WT has a strong front beam and a backlight that is meant to be used in an emergency. This function is especially helpful when someone needs to call for help or when a softer, more spread light is needed. The emergency backlight makes sure you’re always ready, which adds to your safety and ease.

Laser LED bulb with high performance

A 150W laser LED light is what the Rock Light RL-292WT is all about. This high-performance bulb gives off a strong, directed beam of light that can see through the darkest places. Not only does the modern LED technology make the torch light very bright, it also uses energy efficiently, which helps the battery last longer. The 150W laser LED bulb is designed to work consistently, which makes it a great choice for tough conditions.

Complete Solutions for Charging

As a complete charging option, the Rock Light RL-292WT comes with a charger and cable to keep the flashlight charged and ready to use. The charger that comes with the flashlight makes sure that it can be charged quickly and easily, so there is little downtime. Because the torch light comes with its own charging line, you can always keep it in good working order, whether you are at home or on the go.

Longer battery life

A portable light’s battery life is very important, and the Rock Light RL-292WT does a great job of it with a 4 to 6 hour power backup. The longer battery life means that the flashlight can be used for longer amounts of time. This makes it perfect for long activities outside, power outages, and emergencies. With the correct battery backup, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have a light source when you need it most.

Best Quality in Its Class

It’s more than just a torch light; the Rock Light RL-292WT is a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship and careful attention to detail. There isn’t a better torch light in its class than this one. It has the best performance, longevity, and functionality. It is made so that every part of the Rock Light RL-292WT meets the highest quality standards. This makes sure that it always works at its best.

Useful in Many Situations

Rock Light RL-292WT can be used for many different tasks because of its flexible design. The Rock Light RL-292WT is a reliable torch light that can be used by anyone, whether they like being outside, are a worker who needs reliable lighting, or are looking for one for their own home. It’s great for camping trips, night walks, emergency readiness, and everyday use because it has a strong beam, is well-made, and lasts a long time.


A big part of how the Rock Light RL-292WT was made was making it easy to use. The ergonomic form makes it easy to hold, so you can use it for a long time without getting tired. The settings are easy to understand, so even people who aren’t tech-savvy can use it. The small size and light weight make it easy to carry, so you can take it with you anywhere.

Rock Light RL-292WT 150W Torch Light is a high-end lighting option that stands out for its long range, sturdiness, and performance. For anyone who needs a strong and reliable flashlight, this is the best choice. It has a 1 km long-range beam, a strong ABS body, an emergency backlight, a 150W laser LED bulb, multiple charging options, and a longer battery life. It can meet the needs of a wide range of users, from outdoor adventurers to first responders, thanks to its best-in-class quality and flexible uses. We guarantee that the Rock Light RL-292WT will provide you with a lighting option that works perfectly and reliably in all situations.



Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 7 cm


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3 Months

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