Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater

  • 1000/2000 Watts Heat Adjusting
  • Fully Shock Proof
  • Strong Durable Abs Body
  • Copper Fan Motor Winding
  • Perfect For Baby And Mother
  • ISI Marked With 6 Months Warranty
  • Stylish Design Body
  • 1 Year Warranty From Indo
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Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater is a revolutionary addition to your home that seamlessly marries innovation, safety, and style. Designed with precision and featuring an array of advanced features, this heater is not just a source of warmth; it’s a symbol of comfort and security. From its versatile heat settings, copper heating element, shock-proof technology, and tip-over safety button to its noiseless operation and modern aesthetics, the Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater promises an unparalleled heating experience. Embrace winter with confidence and style, as you welcome the Indo PTC-23 into your living space.

Customizable Heat Settings for Optimal Comfort:

Tailor your warmth to perfection with the Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater’s dual heat settings. Choose between 1000 watts for a gentle, energy-efficient warmth or elevate it to 2000 watts when you need a more robust heating performance. This flexibility empowers you to create the ideal atmosphere in your room, providing customized comfort for every occasion and weather condition.

Efficient Copper Heating Element:

At the heart of the Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater lies a state-of-the-art copper heating element. Renowned for its superior thermal conductivity, copper ensures rapid and efficient heating, promising a quick warm-up for your living space. This not only contributes to the heater’s performance but also reflects its commitment to energy efficiency, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your heating needs.

Shock-Proof Technology for Unparalleled Safety:

Safety is paramount, and the Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater takes it to the next level with its shock-proof technology. This advanced feature ensures that you can enjoy the warmth without any concerns about electrical hazards. The incorporation of shock-proof technology adds an extra layer of protection, making this heater ideal for households with children and pets, offering peace of mind as you stay snug and secure.

Durable Copper Wire Construction:

Crafted for longevity, the Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater features copper wire in its construction. This not only enhances the durability of the heating element but also guarantees the reliability and extended performance of the entire appliance. The use of copper wire adds to the robust design, ensuring that this heater remains a steadfast companion throughout the colder seasons.

Sturdy ABS Body with Tip-Over Safety Button:

Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater boasts a robust body constructed from strong ABS material, enhancing both durability and safety. The inclusion of a tip-over safety button adds an extra layer of protection, automatically shutting off the heater if it accidentally tips over. This safety feature ensures that the Indo PTC-23 remains a secure heating solution for your home, minimizing risks and offering uninterrupted warmth.

Whisper-Quiet Operation for Undisturbed Comfort:

Experience comfort without the disturbance of noise with the Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater’s whisper-quiet operation. The advanced technology employed in this heater ensures that you enjoy warmth without the distraction of a loud fan or motor. This makes it an ideal choice for bedrooms, nurseries, or any space where peaceful and noiseless operation is a priority.

Safety Assurance for Babies and Mothers:

Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater is designed with the utmost care, making it an excellent choice for homes with babies and mothers. With its shock-proof technology, tip-over safety button, and noiseless operation, it provides an environment of safety and tranquility. The customizable heat settings allow mothers to create the perfect temperature for their little ones, ensuring a cozy and secure space.

Best Quality Assurance with ISI Mark:

Quality is non-negotiable, and the Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater exemplifies excellence with its ISI Mark. This certification attests to the heater’s compliance with the highest industry standards for safety and performance. Choosing a product with the ISI mark ensures that it has undergone rigorous testing and meets stringent quality criteria, offering you confidence in its reliability and durability.

Stylish Look for Modern Living Spaces:

Beyond functionality and safety, the Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater adds a touch of style to your home. Its sleek design, modern aesthetics, and sophisticated finish make it a statement piece that seamlessly integrates into your living space. Elevate your decor with this stylish heater, making it not just a necessity but a chic addition that complements your home’s interior.

Hot Air Fan for Rapid and Uniform Heating:

Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater features a hot air fan that ensures swift and even distribution of warmth. Bid farewell to cold spots as the efficient fan circulates heat throughout the room, providing a consistent and cozy environment. Experience the luxury of uniform heating with the Indo PTC-23’s hot air fan technology.

User-Friendly Operation for Effortless Convenience:

Navigating the features of the Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater is a breeze. The user-friendly controls and intuitive interface make it accessible to everyone. Whether you’re tech-savvy or simply seeking a hassle-free heating solution, this heater’s straightforward operation ensures a seamless experience. Adjust the settings effortlessly and relish the warmth without any complications.

Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater is more than just a heating appliance; it’s a testament to innovation, safety, and style. With customizable heat settings, an efficient copper heating element, shock-proof technology, tip-over safety button, noiseless operation, safety assurance for babies and mothers, ISI Mark of quality, and modern aesthetics, this heater stands as a reliable and stylish solution for your winter warmth needs. Elevate your living space with the Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater, where safety meets style, and warmth becomes an art. Make a statement in your home this winter – choose the Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater for a superior heating experience that embraces both comfort and sophistication.



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2 reviews for Indo PTC-23 Fan Room Heater

  1. Shivani

    This is a mini Indo heater and i like it very much

  2. Sushmita

    I really like it and I want more heaters

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