Eveready DL 99 Rechargeable Torch Light
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Eveready Boomlite Rechargeable LED Torch Light
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Eveready Beacon Rechargeable Torch Light

  • 500 Meter Long Range Focus Light
  • 6 Months Warranty
  • 3000 mAh Battery With 4 Hours Battery Backup
  • Plastic Strong ABS Body
  • Perfect For Farmers, House, Camping Use
  • 3W Super Beam LED Bulb

Original price was: ₹899.00.Current price is: ₹699.00.

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Unleash the power of illumination with Eveready Beacon Rechargeable Torch Light. A true beacon of reliability, this torchlight is engineered to redefine your lighting experience with a combination of cutting-edge features and unparalleled performance. From its remarkable 500-meter long-range beam to its premium build quality, the Eveready Beacon Torch Light is your trusted companion for every adventure and situation.

500-Meter Long Range Beam: Navigating Darkness with Precision

Picture a torchlight that can pierce through the darkest nights, guiding your way with clarity and precision. The Eveready Beacon Torch Light boasts an astonishing 500-meter long-range beam that sets a new standard for visibility. Whether you’re camping under the stars, exploring unknown terrains, or simply need a dependable light source during emergencies, this torchlight ensures that every step you take is bathed in brilliance.

Strong Plastic Body: Durability Redefined

Crafted for resilience and durability, the Eveready Beacon Torch Light features a robust plastic body designed to withstand the rigors of your adventures. Accidental drops and impacts are no match for its sturdy construction, making it a reliable companion that can weather the challenges of the great outdoors. With a strong body to match its powerful performance, this torchlight is your go-to tool for every situation.

Rechargeable Torch for Uninterrupted Brilliance

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of frequent battery changes. The Eveready Beacon Torch Light offers a seamless rechargeable feature, ensuring that you have uninterrupted brilliance whenever you need it. Recharge the torchlight to its full potential, and you’re ready to embark on your journeys with the assurance of reliable and sustainable lighting. By opting for a rechargeable solution, you not only save on costs but also contribute to a greener planet.

Extended 4-Hour Battery Backup: Lighting Your Path, Every Step of the Way

The Eveready Beacon Torch Light understands the value of continuous illumination. With an extended 4-hour battery backup, this torchlight becomes an indispensable companion during extended outdoor adventures, power outages, and beyond. Its consistent and dependable battery life ensures that you’re never left in the dark, no matter the circumstances.

Premium Quality Torch by a Trusted Brand: Eveready

Eveready’s legacy of excellence shines through in the Eveready Beacon Rechargeable Torch Light. As a trusted and reputable brand in the lighting industry, Eveready has painstakingly designed and crafted this torchlight to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. When you choose Eveready, you choose a brand that is dedicated to providing lighting solutions that exceed expectations and stand the test of time.

6-Month Warranty: Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Investing in Eveready Beacon Rechargeable Torch Light comes with the added assurance of a 6-month warranty directly from the manufacturer. Eveready’s commitment to your satisfaction and peace of mind is unwavering. This warranty serves as a testament to the torchlight’s durability and performance, allowing you to make your purchase with confidence.

3W Laser LED Included: Versatile Illumination at Your Fingertips

Taking versatility to new heights, the Eveready Beacon Torch Light includes a powerful 3W laser LED. This feature opens up a world of possibilities, from pointing out distant landmarks to signaling for help in emergencies. With the 3W laser LED, your torchlight transforms into a multifunctional tool that adapts to your specific needs, making it an invaluable asset in various situations.

Li-Ion Battery Included: Embrace Long-Lasting Performance

Eveready Beacon Rechargeable Torch Light comes equipped with a high-quality Li-Ion battery, further enhancing its performance and reliability. Known for their extended lifespan and efficiency, Li-Ion batteries ensure that your torchlight remains ready for action whenever you need it. Embrace the convenience of long-lasting power and make the most of your adventures.

Long Battery Life: Illumination That Endures

Experience the freedom of prolonged usage with the Eveready Beacon Torch Light’s impressive battery life. Designed to provide consistent brilliance, this torchlight outlasts many others, allowing you to explore, adventure, and conquer with the confidence of unwavering illumination.

Eveready Beacon Rechargeable Torch Light is more than just a lighting solution – it’s a testament to innovation, quality, and reliability. From its remarkable 500-meter long-range beam to its robust plastic body, rechargeable feature, and extended battery life, this torchlight is designed to elevate your experiences, no matter where life takes you.

With the backing of a trusted brand, a 6-month warranty, and versatile features like the 3W laser LED and Li-Ion battery, the Eveready Beacon Torch Light is a true companion that empowers you to explore, discover, and navigate with unwavering brilliance. Illuminate your path, embrace the unknown, and let the Eveready Beacon Torch Light be your guiding light through every moment, every challenge, and every adventure.




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