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Andslite CP12 Solar LED Lantern Light

  • 15 Hours Long Battery Backup
  • Hanging Stand Included
  • Lighting by Japanese LED Bulb
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Durable, Strong Body & Mobile Charging Facility
  • Solar Panel Charging Supported
  • Perfect For Home, Camping And Farmers Use
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Innovations like the Andslite CP12 Solar LED Lantern Light are very important in a world that cares more and more about being green. It gives you light and is an environmentally friendly way to meet your lighting needs. This beautifully crafted lamp is safe for the environment and will change how you light up your space.

Use the Sun’s Power

The solar screen is an important part of the Andslite CP12 lantern. This high-efficiency solar panel sits on top of the lamp and turns the sun’s endless energy into a source of clean energy. Get rid of your old energy sources and accept the sun’s clean, endless power. The built-in solar panel in your lamp makes it perfect for use outside, camping, or in an emergency. It will stay charged even in the most remote areas.

More Powerful Batteries

The strong battery in the Andslite CP12 Lantern makes sure you’ll never trip and fall in the dark again. This lamp is better than the others on the market. It gives off reliable light all night and has an amazing battery life of 15 hours on a single charge. Get the Andslite CP12 when you need bright lighting. It will keep your surroundings bright whether you’re out in the middle of nowhere or the power goes out.

Building that will last

With its strong structure and high-quality materials, the Andslite CP12 Lantern can handle being used outside. Due to its weather- and terrain-resistant design, this lamp always works the same way. Being sure that your light can handle anything that nature throws at it makes you feel good and lasts longer.

Give power and light

In addition to lighting, the Andslite CP12 Lantern has many other benefits that will improve your time outside. Its built-in mobile charging feature makes charging your electronics while traveling easy and keeps you connected even when you’re far away. The Andslite CP12 protects you and gives you a way out when you need it, whether you need to charge your phone, iPad, or other USB-powered gadgets.

Great lighting and low energy use

The Andslite CP12 Lantern has a modern Japanese LED light that gives off a beautiful glow while using very little power. The latest LED technology gives off better brightness and clarity, casting a natural, peaceful light around you. With the Andslite CP12 Lantern, style and functionality combine to make places brighter and less harsh.

Guaranteed Happiness

With a full one-year warranty, the Andslite CP12 Lantern gives you peace of mind and quality security. If, for some reason, there are problems or flaws with the way it was made, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected. Our dedicated customer service staff wants to help you quickly and make sure you’re happy with your deal.

The Andslite CP12 Light solar LED lantern is more than just a light source; it also values innovation, sustainability, and dependability. With its solar-powered design, long-lasting battery backup, sturdy build, and wide range of uses, this lantern is at the forefront of environmentally friendly lighting choices. With its solar-powered beams, the Andslite CP12 Lantern will light up your life, whether you’re out and about, getting ready for an emergency, or just putting lights on your yard.




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    Perfect Quality product

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